About Kelly's Property Services

Kelly's Property Services, LLC is dedicated to the fine art of community of revitalization.

Our Philosophy

Founded in 1989, owner Bryan Kelly started with a goal: to provide personal service with professionally trained people and to ensure customer satisfaction on each and every project. Today, Bryan's philosophy remains the same. We offer impeccable painting, paperhanging, custom woodworking, as well as an array of multi-trade and property maintenance services, to commercial and residential clients who seek a value-driven company.

Mission Statement

Our highly trained management team and expert craftsman will provide each and every client with the top quality service and the professionalism they would expect from an eighteen year value driven company.

Make the Right Choice

The selection of a professional service company will affect your project for many years to come. From the time we submit your comprehensive free estimate to the finishing touches, Bryan Kelly, his knowledgeable foremen and staff will be there to guide you and answer any of your questions concerning the beautification of the interior and exterior of your home or commercial project. Select the company that has earned the trust and confidence of its customers for well over two decades, Kelly's Property Services.


Our philosophy behind operating a successful service business involves creating value for our clients at every step of the process. We have established a management team that has an extensive knowledge of the industry, including products, materials and the proper order of operations. They attend specialized seminars regularly in order to give them the most up to date knowledge on the vast array of new products that hit the market yearly. This allows them to offer value driven solutions and options that will fit into your budget.

A "comprehensive proposal packet ™" will be provided by our team at Kelly's Property Services. A "systematic project management approachTM" is followed in managing each and every project. Clear and consistent communication will be maintained throughout the project. Our goal is to make the process enjoyable from the initial phone call all the way through to the final walk through. Project manager's mobile phone numbers will be made available prior to the start of the project in the event that you may need to reach us quickly.

We hire only seasoned craftsman that have a minimum of five years experience before working on any of our projects. They must have a sense of pride for their work and the ability to create a positive and friendly relationship with everyone related to every project.

The benefits you receive from using top grade materials always outweigh that of lower cost, lower grade materials. Cost options can be presented to you upon request. Due to the discounts we obtain through our volume buying power with our vendors, we are able to pass the savings onto you.

Our Estimators / Managers will schedule a walk through to ensure that all of the work has been completed properly, in a timely fashion, and to the client's satisfaction. A quality audit will be sent to your home a few months after the project has been completed allowing you to provide feedback to us and to give us the ability to address any oversights that may have occurred. We look forward to making you our next reference ™.


We stand committed in making sure all elements of safety are in place for all of our tradesman. Before a team or individual is sent to their first project, they are educated in the proper way to set up and take down ladders or staging in a safe and appropriate way. Only specially trained personnel operate equipment such as boom trucks or scissor lifts.

The staging equipment provided to them is commercial grade and tested periodically to insure that they are all in working order before they are brought to the project site. Workman's compensation and liability insurance is carried up to date for every person on every project for your peace of mind. Documentation is always available upon request.

Residential / Commercial / Condominiums

In order to increase efficiency and quality levels, we find it necessary to segregate our teams into what they do best. They are assigned to a specific area of the business which reflects the type of work they are specialized in. Whether you need interior or exterior painting, roofing, carpentry or remodeling to name a few of our services, you can be assured that the right tradesman will be working on your project. We would like to be your number one service contractor for life.

Our goal is to make you our next reference™