Condo Masonry Services

Condo Masonry Restores Integrity to Its Original Craftsmanship

From historic brick buildings and facades to elaborate, contemporary stonework, one thing that those beautiful, durable materials have in common is the need for proper maintenance to retain their great looks, the safety of their structure, and their longevity. Enter KPS to the rescue.

Kelly’s Property Services provides professional masonry services that include inspection, sealant replacement, repair, waterproofing, re-pointing, sidewalk repairs, structural repair, and steel lintel replacement. By combining old world skills and workmanship with the latest high tech materials, our professional, experienced masons will artfully rejuvenate your masonry installations to ensure prevention of water filtration and degradation of sub structures. The bricks and/or stones will last longer, the beauty will restore the eye-appeal of the condo environment, and the property value will be greatly improved.

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