Condo Carpentry Services

Custom Condo Carpentry for Common Areas, Units or Exterior Needs

Indoors or out, Kelly’s Property Services provides custom carpentry for a wide variety of needs, from large-scale condo projects to basic updates and repairs. We start by inspecting the areas you want to improve, then we map out a plan. We work within your budget (or help you determine one), and we explain how, with what materials, and in what timeframe we can successfully complete the project. We explain how we will manage the entire project, and we coordinate with multi-trade workers as needed, saving you time and money. If required, we will present our proposal to the homeowners’ association or board. Then, we get to work.

KPS is known for our custom finish carpentry in lobbies, common areas, atriums, or other aerial locations. Our uniformed team starts outside—replacing any rotted wood, such as decorative trim, columns, and/or beams. We tackle “gut jobs” and extensive remodels with the same focus that we give smaller repairs, including insurance put-back work. We also handle repairs and/or replacement of clapboards and decks. And, we offer yearly scheduled inspections of all our work.

Condo Carpentry

Our In-House Carpenters Will:

  1. Utilize stainless steel nails to avoid rusty nails bleeding through paint.
  2. Utilize weather proof PVC material (i.e. AZEK).
  3. Avoid seams by using one solid piece of trim – NO “SHORT-CUTS.”
  4. Install drip cap above doors and windows, and install proper flashing
    behind replaced trim.
  5. Repair compromised siding and trim prior to painting.
  6. Our skilled painting staff utilizes highest quality materials and properly primes backside surfaces.

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