Siding & Windows

Premier Home Siding & Windows: It’s How the World Sees You

Curb appeal never goes out of style. And when you have a strong sense of pride in your home, you want the world to see it. A high-quality exterior makes a statement, in which siding and windows have a key role.

Kelly’s Property Services stays up-to-date on the latest siding and window materials and technologies and selects the best choice for appearance and long-lasting, structural protection. For siding, we offer many top-quality choices of types and styles that combine aesthetics and energy-savings and include custom flashing schedules to prevent water infiltration. For windows, today’s options are not only great to look at but also provide energy-efficiency for both heating and cooling.

Best of all, our KPS installation professionals are factory-trained and certified in working with siding and windows that sustain the unique climate swings New England experiences. All of which ensures that your home has timeless beauty that works for the world in which we live.

Residential Carpentry

Our In-House Carpenters Will:

  1. Utilize stainless steel nails to avoid rusty nails bleeding through paint.
  2. Utilize weather proof PVC material (i.e. AZEK).
  3. Avoid seams by using one solid piece of trim – NO “SHORT-CUTS.”
  4. Install drip cap above doors and windows, and install proper flashing
    behind replaced trim.
  5. Repair compromised siding and trim prior to painting.
  6. Our skilled painting staff utilizes highest quality materials and properly primes backside surfaces.

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