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Painting - Interior Finish

For over 20 years, our company has been trusted to provide high-end painting services to the surrounding communities. All painters are not all equal!

All painters are not all equal! Our tradesmen respect the client's home by removing their shoes or bringing a second pair to be used inside the home. The furniture is wrapped in new clear plastic to keep previously dried paint drips from scratching client's furniture finish. All doorways are wrapped with clear plastic during the project to reduce dust and separate the project from the rest of the home's daily activity. These types of processes create immediate confidence with our clients and exude our desire to provide impeccable full service painting services.

Decorative Faux Finish

Decorative Faux Finish

Faux finish painting provides a beautiful touch to any room's décor. Some of the more popular styles that we provide include: color wash, sponging, ragging, stippling, stripping, harlequin and Venetian plaster. Our faux finish expert can provide a sample of any style in order to assist you with your final selection.


Coffered Ceilings

The process of transferring paint through decorative templates is still a popular concept and provides an enhanced look to any room. Our faux finish expert can consult with you in the process of achieving your desired look.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

As a hardwood floor takes on a dull or scratched appearance you may need to consult with an expert so that you can find out exactly what your floor needs. A buffing or a complete refinishing will be the prescribed method. Our tradesman will place their emphasis on creating an elegant and durable finish, void of swirl marks. Rooms that are being worked on will be quarantined with plastic in order to reduce dust from traveling throughout the home during the sanding process. Two or three coats of a top quality polyurethane product will be applied neatly. You may not have to vacate your home during the process. Speak with one of our estimators so they can walk you through the process.

Exterior Painting

As the exterior painting season approaches every year, some consumers are faced with the realization that their home, business or condo may need to be painted and or stained. Some of the unsightly characteristics you may notice include: peeling paint, tannin bleed, a chalky residue or faded appearance to the siding, water damage or rotted wood. Contact Kelly's Property Services, so that one of our expert estimators can evaluate your needs, diagnose the problem and offer a value driven solution based on your budget.

What sets us apart from our competitors is the pursuit of a "systematic project management approach TM". Our level of dedication and streamlined system is based on years of consistent coordination and research. By utilizing the same seasoned craftsman year after year and having them orchestrate the appropriate order of operations with precision, coupled with providing top quality products, our success will continue to grow. The selection of products is based on a culmination of information from Consumer Reports, our regional sales representatives and customer feedback. If you are looking for a lifelong company that you can count on time after time, call on the professionals, call Kelly's Property services. We want to make you our next reference.

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